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union workers have just established a picket line at the oakland airport. and we have learned this strick is set to spread to the port shipping facilities tomorrow. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. a strike is just now getting underway. holiday travelers are caught right in the middle of it. heather holmes, live at
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terminal one. union workers began walking a picket line that is set to expand tomorrow. these are custodians, electricians painters and plumbers. they kicked off this 24 hour labor action, that will not only target the airport, but also the port. frank, and julie, it's no coincidence why they are choosing now to walk off the job. this is after all, one of the busiest travel days of the year at oakland airport. while plenty of people are getting away for thanksgiving, airport union officials hope they get their message loud and clear. >> what our members want is for the port to come back to the table and sit town with this realistically, and fairly. >> reporter: it represents about 220 maintenance, and custodial workers. >> the port has been completely transparent in our negotiations. >> reporter: the port says it
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faces serious financial challenges, including $1.3 billion in outstanding debt. it is now asking employees to start contributing to their retirement. >> we've been offering 100% employer paid, benefit programs across the board. >> reporter: tonight, union officials reminded members about the picket lines that tomorrow morning will spread to the port's container facilities in an effort to shut down shipping. >> we will have plenty of people out there at the port. in front of those, all of those gates out there at the port of oakland, we believe that will have the impact that we intend it to have. >> we're prepared to minimize any potential disruption to the workers and shippers and truckers who rely on the port to be operational every day. >> reporter: also up tomorrow at the port, starting at 6:00 a.m. we'll be there. reporting live tonight here at oakland, heather holmes.
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nurses at 10 bay area hospitals also plan to go on strike tomorrow. they plan a two day strike. the nurses say the hospitals want to make cuts in staffing, paid sick time and pensions. the plan impacts eight sutter hospitals shown in red. nurses are also walking out of hospitals shown in blue. in 20 minutes, a glimmer of hope that hostess bakeries may survive after all. the order a judge made today, and how it's being received on the picket line. new at 10:00, san jose's catholic diocese has replaced a pastor. the bishop announced today, that father lou vu has stepped
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down. and reverend patrick brown will take his place. father vu was criticized for allowing a convicted sex offender to work as a volunteer. a shooting in san jose today sent a teenager to the hospital. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon on mcloughlin avenue near summer side drive. officers found a 16, or 17-year- old victim with at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital. officers say he is expected to survive. there is no word tonight of any arrests. police say the shooting could be gang related. in eight minutes, a college student gunned down amid violence that also injured a police officer. the rewards now offered in a search for a suspect who is still on the run. the san francisco 49ers made a big statement tonight defeating the well regarded chicago bears 32-7 in a monday
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night showdown at candlestick park. the old ballpark also shown brightly. >> reporter: no doubt wanted to avoid that embarrassment they suffered during the monday night game last year. pumped and ready to go. niner fans trudged into 52-year- old candlestick park, hoping the aging stadium's problems don't overshadow the action on the field. >> embarrassing night for the city of san francisco and candlestick park. >> reporter: last year, they plunged into darkness. an event, mayor ed lee called a national embarrassment. long time fans shrug it off. >> those things happen all the time. like going up the escalator, you have earthquakes and stuff. you don't want to be on the escalator what that happens. >> reporter: some chicagoans got their first view of the stadium tonight. >> right now, i'm noticing the
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atmosphere is a little less lively here, except for these guys. >> let's go niners. >> reporter: pg and e trucks were stationed in the parking lot, just in case. speaking of lights out, the two quarterbacks were sidelined after suffering concussions last week. alex smith and jay cutler hadn't recovered enough from big hits to take the field. >> kind of feels like an nfc showdown. >> unfortunately, the players are bigger and faster than they ever have been. there's not a lot you can do about it. >> reporter: we have to wait until next week to see if alex smith returns to the lineup for the 49ers. as for the stick, just one more season here, before the team moves to its new stadium in santa clara. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bit later in sports, do the niners now have a
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quarterback controversy? we're going to hear from both collin cappernick and head coach jim harbaugh. the fire started around 3:45 this morning at the guerneville lodge on river road in guerneville. firefighters say it appears the fire started in a guest room and then spread. crews were able to put out that fire in about 45 minutes. but the lodge was badly damaged. six people were taken to the hospital. five suffering from smoke inhalation and one for minor burns. for four hours, a man sat atop a bus and refused to get down. santa clara sheriff deputies thought for a while he had a knife, but it turned out to be a pen. the man finally came down on his own about 2:00 p.m.
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deputies didn't arrest him. instead, they took him to a hospital for evaluation. it was 24 years ago today, a girl named mikayla garret was kidnapped. one of the so-called speed freak killers wrote a letter from death row to our rita williams. >> if she is alive, if she is out there, then she needs me. >> reporter: a mother's love today just as strong as the last time she saw her 9-year- old daughter. >> it's been 24 years since mikayla was taken from this very spot. >> this anniversary vigil was better sweet, as officers weighed dna analysis of a child's 3-inch bone with the remains of other suspected
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victims of speed freak killer, lauren herzog. >> i can't believe this is it. yet, i know that it might be. >> i showed the lead investigator a letter i just got from the other half of the speed freak killer duo. wesley shermantine. >> he's produced results and therefore can't be ignored. >> herzog bears a strong resemblance to the sketch of the kidnapper. >> either it is or it isn't. >> that's true. but i'm not going to talk about it. >> shermantine says he's told hayward police to look in wells. quote, you can bet 100% wells in that area hold victims. >> you're not actively searching any well sites in the
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hayward area. >> no. >> but they might. >> reporter: a mother's wait, a mother's heartbreak continues. in hayward, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> in that letter to rita, shermantine also writes he has been labeled a rat snitch for pointing the finger at his former partner. wall street temporarily reversing its post election slide. analysts say the rally was fueled by optimism for an agreement to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. intel is the largest maker of microprocessors in the world. odelini has been there for the past 40 years. this comes as they see demand for its pc chips declining. he received his mba at uc
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berkely. apple ended a two month slide today. the company's market capitalization back above $500 billion. apple stock gained $38 closed at $565 a share. that is still well below the $700 per share that apple reached back in september. does this look like a bomb to you? the novelty watch that got a bay area airline passenger arrested. also -- >> we're not done with the rains just yet. when you can expect the next round of showers, and a look ahead to thanksgiving. >> in 90 seconds, at the wrong place, at the wrong time. >> it's not fair at all. >> hear what his brother just told us.
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and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. the search is on tonight for a suspect wanted in the murder of a popular college student from the south bay. amber lee is live now in the south bay after she talked with the victim's brother, who said he is now coming home for a funeral, instead of thanksgiving. >> reporter: there is a memorial set up here just outside the 7-eleven. tonight, his brother said he planned to spend time with him on thanksgiving. this is a photo of rory park
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petiford with his brother. they were the best of friends. >> instead of spending thanksgiving. i'm going to be flying home to california. >> reporter: dylan, an iraq war veteran says he is stunned and saddened, he will be returning to bury his brother. >> when you're in a war zone, you kind of expect something like that might happen. but you don't expect your brother will be gunned down for no reason on the streets of san jose. >> reporter: he was with a friend at 7-eleven to buy gum and energy drinks. when they came out, he was shot, by someone trying to carjack him. police are still looking for a second unidentified suspect. the pair was captured on this surveillance video. investigators say that two men are also responsible for four robberies on friday. followed by a shootout injured >> scary to think there's
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another guy out there, you know responsible for this. >> reporter: friend adrian robinson started this website to help the family with funeral expansions. everyone who knew rory says they will miss the young man. >> the most popular kid. >> reporter: the family plans to hold a memorial on saturday morning. they're asking anyone with information on his killing to contact san jose police. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now on two rewards offered in this case. today, the office of san jose mayor chuck reed offered $10,000 for an arrest that leads to a conviction. that is on top of $10,000 offered by the san jose police officers association. we have learned that the woman kidnapped in walnut creek is a pg and e contract employee. the company is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the
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case. the 57-year-old told police she was leaving work in the shadelands business park when she was grabbed. the two men drove the victim to atm's, and used her business card. what you're looking at here are images of one of the suspects who went by the name aubrey. police say the other suspect went by the name david. an artist from southern california will not face charges, following his arrest at a security check point at oakland airport because of his watch. 49-year-old jeffrey mcgan went to court this morning and learned the alameda district attorney has declined to file charges. tsa stopped him after noticing his watch might be some sort of timing device for an explosive. he was arrested, then posted bail, and was released. here is a picture of that watch. his attorney says his client is an artist, and he made the
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watch. he also says, mcgann has flown with it before without any problems. defense attorneys for one goh told a superior court judge that a psychiatrist has found goh is a paranoid schizophrenic. the defense says goh is unable to cooperate with his lawyers, because he doesn't understand the justice system. >> the defense still needs to obtain a second psychiatric opinion. but the case has been delayed because goh, who is a korean international has asked for an interpreter. so far, thousands have been helped by this program. as ktvu's rob roth tells us, those in line are not homeless as you might think. >> people came all day long
10:18 pm
here to sacred heart community service in san jose. volunteers handed out free turkeys and boxes of groceries, so struggling families can have a traditional thanksgiving dinner on thursday. those who came were not homeless. almost all have jobs, but they say their paychecks don't go very far. richard jones came here with one of his two children. he says this $12 an hour security job didn't leave room for a thanksgiving turkey. >> when we pay bills and rent and everything else, and we basically have little left. >> reporter: sacred heart is expecting 4,000 families between today and wednesday. that's about a thousand more families than showed up three years ago. >> the cost of gasoline, and rent in particular. those things are starting to really pick up right now. so families that are just trying to stabilize are falling behind. >> among those needing help is this woman, who says it's hard to get ahead, working as a caregiver. >> i'm single, you know, so
10:19 pm
it's really hard. >> reporter: sacred heart says it needs to come up with 600 more turkeys by wednesday, so no one is turned away. those on the receiving end, say they're grateful. >> what would have happened? >> i don't know, we'll have a chicken? i don't know. >> reporter: in san jose, rob roth ktvu, channel 2 news. coming up tonight at 10:45, the cost of putting on a thanksgiving dinner this weekend. how that compares to past years. we're learning about four sewage spills in marin county. the ross valley sanitary district reported spills. the lark ladies -- largest was
10:20 pm
estimated to be about 3,000 gallons. district officials say all of the sewage has been cleaned up. tracking showers headed our way. tuesday showers just offshore now. seeing rain show up in the northern portion of california. showers are going to be north for most of the day tomorrow. here's the moisture in front of it. showers in your forecast for tuesday. most of those showers hold off. so we start off in the morning hours. that's 5:00 a.m. maybe some drizzle. this is real light stuff. that's up around san rafael. the real rain is up here. let's go into the early hours, or late night hours. it just stays up there. as we get through the day, the rain is going to spread south. by lunchtime tomorrow, you're going to have showers in the north bay, then it spreads. when i get back, i'm going to roll this model through the day on tuesday. rain is in the forecast. we'll have the details on the rest of your day back in a few.
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the liquidation of hostess, now on hold. the order from a judge that could put thousands of people back to work. >> in 8 minutes, dangerous drivers on bay area roads. how drugs are changing how police go after impaired drivers. good morning! wow.
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the conflict in gaza created a noisy protest. they want israel to end the siege of gaza. on the other side of the street, supporters of israel said israel should be able to defend itself to attack. each side said they want a
10:24 pm
peaceful solution. diplomatic efforts failed today. the attacks continued, killing many civilians. >> reporter: among the latest target, a sports stadium. which israel says was a site for launching rockets. palestinians say the death toll in gaza has now reached more than 100. half of whom are civilians. among the dead, 11 members of the same family. >> suddenly, the world collapsed. >> reporter: israel, continues to come under attack from rocket fire from gaza. at least seven people were injured. since the start of the conflict, three were killed. the militant group will not
10:25 pm
compromise at the negotiating table. >> translator: we will not accept any israeli demands. they are the ones who attacked. a cease-fire will not cure when our demands are met. >> reporter: israel's president contends his country's military campaign has one goal. >> i think this time, it's clear that we don't have any ambitions to conquer land to gain any advantages, but really to stop the fire. >> reporter: the u.s.a. is monitoring efforts to end the bloodshed. an sifts say if there isn't a cease-fire in the next 48 hours, it is all but certain, the situation will escalate. >> israel credits its missile intercepter system, known as the iron dome with intercepting
10:26 pm
missiles. the israelis say the system has a 90% effective rate so far, including intercepting one missile last night over tel aviv. some israelis say it's because of the success of the iron dome that israel has not escalated the conflict, or ordered a ground invasion of gaza. here at home, hostess executives and union representatives are set to meet tomorrow with a mediator. the last ditch effort to avoid liquidation came as the urging of a bankruptcy judge. employees remain cautious out on the picket line. >> we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. we'll see what news we get from up above, if it's good, or if it's negative. >> the ceo of hostess indicated if mediation does not show progress within 24 hours, it is
10:27 pm
likely hostess will return to court monday and renew its effort to liquidate the company. the children's treat that is raising some eyebrows. >> the surprising revelation about what's happening next to you on the roads. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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safeway. ingredients for life. new at 10, a survey reveals a surprising number of californians under the influence, not of alcohol, but on drugs. the warning signs officers are looking for. >> reporter: this survey was just released today, it found that drivers are more likely to be under the influence of drugs than alcohol. it's tough to get away with driving drunk in santa clara county. >> we prosecute about 7,000dui
10:30 pm
cases a year. the great majority of those are alcohol related. >> reporter: the california office of traffic safety revealed today a hidden danger about drivers. alcohol is just the small part of the problem. in its survey of 1300 drivers 14% tested positive for drugs and impaired driving, including prescription over the counter and impaired drugs. of the drugs, marijuana was most prevalent at 7-4%. slightly more than alcohol. santa clara county does test drivers for marijuana. >> with the blood test, that will show that you have active thc in your blood, we're going to be able to show that the marijuana was impairing your ability to drive safely, even though it's not at a specific level. >> reporter: drug impaired driving is offer underreported, and hoping better training of officers, and more resources for prosecutors will help
10:31 pm
address the problem. san jose police officers say officers have to be more detailed in their report, if they suspect drugged driving, and rely on what they call objective observations of drug use. >> there are a lot of objective symptoms of drug influence. >> reporter: governor brown just signed a new law making each dui category into separate sections of the vehicle code, making it easier for prosecutors to track the problem. san jose mayor chuck reed signed up for traffic school this weekend, following a september 11 citation for failing to signal at a turn. reed says employee retirement costs have tripled in a decade. a photo of the traffic ticket was posted online by police.
10:32 pm
fremont has a new mayor elect. bill harrison in the lead over four opponents. he received 35% of the vote. his closest competitor, steve cho has now conceded the election. he wound up with 31%. harrison will be sworn in on december 4. the results are also in for measure b1. a transportation tax in alameda county. the registrar of voters said it failed barely to get the 2/3 vote needed for passage. it was short by only a few hundred votes. it would have increased the sales tax from half cent to 1 cent. the results of an investigation of a small plane crash in half moon bay. federal investigators say the plane took off from the half moon bay airport last month, hit the bluff about 400 yards
10:33 pm
west of the runway and burst into flames. photos of the debris trial seem to show that the plane was headed back to the airport. continuing coverage on the arrest of a san francisco sheriff's deputy, accused of robbing a bank. david stevenson tells us whether he'll be treated any differently because he works in law enforcement. >> reporter: there was no answer at the home of phil tong this afternoon. police say he is the bank robber seen in the surveillance photo taken november 7 at a san francisco bank of america branch. he was arrested at county jail number 1 and charged with felony burglary and felony robbery. he left the jail that evening. >> these are allegations at this point. >> reporter: a partner with a firm known for representing law enforcement officers, including
10:34 pm
former about a bart officer johanes mehserle. >> a deputy unfortunate enough to have these sorts of allegations would be treated the same. >> reporter: stern represents the san francisco deputy sheriff's association, but will not be representing tong in his criminal case. >> questions of identification and all of those sorts of things. >> reporter: the fbi has partial jurisdiction. the fbi spokeswoman tells us, the district attorney office will tell us who can present a stronger case. >> courts have been to deviate and come down more harshly on law enforcement officers. >> reporter: tong's first court appearance is set for next monday. a ballpark favorite, cracker jacks is striking out
10:35 pm
with a consumer group. they're launching a new product called cracker jacked, a caffeinated snack. the two ounce package contains about 70-milligrams of caffeine. that's about the same amount found in a small espresso. the maker, frito-lay says the snack is not intended for children. president obama made history as the first american president to visit cambodia and myanmar. the president met with myanmar's democratic leader, and a former political prisoner. in the past two years, the country formally known as burma has moved quickly to become democratic. in a speech, president obama called on myanmar to keep moving forward. >> flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguished. they must be strengthened. they must become a shining north star for all this nation's people. >> his next stop was cambodia.
10:36 pm
the president was critical of that country's poor record on human rights. it won't be looking a lot like christmas this year in one southern california town. back here in just ten minutes. the rain is coming our way, but it's going to be slow in getting here. the umbrellas will be needed sometime tomorrow. i'll let you know when.
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10:38 pm
this month's deadly house explosion in indianapolis, indiana is now being investigated as a homicide, not an accident. investigators are looking for the driver of a white van seen in the subdivision on november 10, the day of the explosion.
10:39 pm
the young couple killed lived next door to the home. it's been three months now since that massive fire at chevron's refinery in richmond. tonight, there are new concerns about the repair plans. chevron today addressed the public on the progress of its repairs. the company wants to replace the failed pipes with a corrosion resistent alloy. but the company said it might not be the safest alternative. the richmond city council is set to continue the permit issue tomorrow. protesters gathered outside the federal immigration office, calling for the release of a 26- year-old san jose man. he was arrested at his home back in september and is slated
10:40 pm
for deportation. he was arrested for crossing the border just two months after he and his father were previously caught crossing the border in 2008. he was brought to the u.s. illegally when he was 4, and graduated from a south bay high school. >> jesus has no criminal past. he has no criminal record. >> immigration offenses said ruiz diego will remain in custody while his case is reviewed. french military leaders say the afghan army is ready to assume control of security and deal with insurgents. as a result, france is preparing to withdraw combat troops, possibly by the end of the year. french soldiers have been training the afghans. about 500 will remain to continue that training and work at the airport in kabul. in colombia, the main rebel group announced a cease-fire
10:41 pm
tonight. the colombian government did not reciprocate, saying it would continue military operations and does not trust the rebels. the two sides just began peace talks in cuba. aimed at ending 50 years of fighting. in rome, a statue of the late pope john paul ii has gotten a facelift. some said it looked more like the world war ii fascist dictator, mussolini. the sculptor says he is pleased with the finished product. churches have been putting up displayed in palisades park for the past 60 years. last year, santa monica set up a lottery for sites, because there are so many requests. today's ruling is being
10:42 pm
appealed. oakland's youth radio received a prestigious honor at the white house. michelle obama presented two with a humanity award. it was one of 12 programs honored. youth radio a offers after school training programs to young people. it's already won a peabody award. the programs can be heard on national public radio. how much will you be paying for your thanksgiving feast? we're going to tell you what the experts say, and how that compares to years past. >> bill martin is tracking more wet weather before thanksgiving. he's back with your complete bay area forecast.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
if you're headed out the door to do your thanksgiving shopping this year, expect to pay for more your feast, and after the holiday, prices are
10:45 pm
expected to climb higher. >> john schmidt came to this target store an a mission. to find a cheap turkey, less than $1 a pound. >> the best price, 79, and this is only 99. >> reporter: he expected food prices this year to be higher than last year. he's right, but the increase is slight. according to the american farm bureau federation, the average cost of a dinner for 10 people is $49.48. up just 28 cents over last year. the biggest cost increase is turkey, up 3% over last year. >> turkey competes with chicken and pork and beef and other products. turkey production itself is a little higher this year. it's not an issue of turkey not being available. it's just that meat prices overall have gone up. >> reporter: because of the drought that affected about 80% of our nation's farmland, more significant food price increases are on the way, according to the usda. the drought is considered the worst in at least 25 years.
10:46 pm
primarily impacting corn, grain, and soy production. it will cause beef, poultry, and dairy products to rise first. most of the products we find on our store shelves contain corn, or soy products. it could take up to a year before we see those price increases. experts say higher drought induced prices of 3 to 4% are possible. the upside is the usda says it will wait until after the holidays. emeryville, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now on thanksgiving meals and the steadily rising cost. in 1986, the cost to feed 10 people was $28.74. ten years later, it was $31.66. now that cost has gone up to $49.48. it's estimated that americans will buy 736 million
10:47 pm
pounds of turkey for thanksgiving. but an environmental group says millions of pounds of that turkey will end up in the trash. the national resources defense council says by using usda data on food waste, the council estimates about 204 million pounds of turkey meat will be thrown away. according to the advocacy group, each pound of meat takes the same amount of resources to use as driving a car for 11 miles, or taking a 130 minute shower. wal-mart has filed a complaint against the united food and commercial workers international union. calling for employees to skip work on black friday. the programs stem from disputes over wages, benefits, and working conditions. bart will be running longer trains. trains will be longer than normal on wednesday and sunday, for airport travelers headed out for the weekend or headed
10:48 pm
home. trains will be on a sunday schedule for thursday. bart will be running full length trains starting at 6:00 a.m. for all the shoppers looking for black friday bargains. san francisco supervisors are deciding how to spend a muni surplus. the two proposals are 40,000 free passes for low income children, or putting all of that money toward muni maintenance and improvements. a decision is expected december 4. showers north of the area. here's the deal, those showers are going to hang up there for a long time. it's been hanging the shower activity north of california for a while here. take a live. live stormtracker 2. here's the area we're watching for rain right now. if we come in close, you're going to see showers developing along the coast. what happens tomorrow is the rain kind of gets right to here
10:49 pm
and it stops. it's up here all morning. until early in the afternoon. then it barely drops down late in the day. so the north bay counties, it's going to feel a lot wetter than it is in the south bay counties. san jose, trace amounts of rain from santa rosa. it's a big difference. as we go into the next 24 hours, the heaviest rain will be north. showers spread south overnight as we go into tomorrow night. here's the model. it's going to change. it's been changing already. but i'll tell you steve paulson is in tomorrow morning and he will have the latest model. this is the basic plan. tonight at 10:00, rain starts around 6:00 a.m., this is drizzle stuff. maybe slow you down a little on your commute. not a big deal. the real rain is up here. that's where the front lies. 6:00a.m. tuesday. we stop it again 5:00 p.m. tuesday. 10 hours later, the thing has traveled. it's stuck up there.
10:50 pm
they're going to see significant rainfall. now at 5:00, watch what happens. boom. in four hours, five hours, it moves south a little bit more. in that whole time, it's continuing to rain. this area is in the zone for heaviest rain. about 10:00, it translates through. 2:00a.m., still moving slow. around redwood city now and into san jose. it shouldn't be a flooding event. if it was a lot of moisture, a lot of dynamics, that kind of stall, that's a big deal. this system shouldn't dump enough ran to really be a huge problem. we could see an inch and a half of rain in the heaviest locations. all of my friends in san jose, and fremont, you may just see trace amounts of rain. the forecast highs tomorrow, then, still kind of warm too. 66 in san jose. the five-day forecast, the reason i'm a little hedging on the model is because the models don't do a great job when they
10:51 pm
say, this is going to stop here. i'm not sure it's going to sit there for six hours. i think it maybe sits there for four hours. you get the idea. north bay wet, south bay, barely anything. >> i know you'll be watching. light rail service may be coming to los gatos. proposing extending light rail service from winchester station in campbell to los gatos. it would cost about $165 million. they have scheduled a meeting at the campbell public library for the public to weigh in. they say the sea otter may started having seizures and died over the weekend. she was rescued as a pup and was named may in an online poll after a character in a book writtennably john steinbeck. it's not clear what caused the seizure.
10:52 pm
a former 49er champion returns to the field tonight, urging all californians to get a game plan ready. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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former 49er jerry rice got a hero's welcome tonight at candlestick park.
10:55 pm
he was promoting readiness. he urged everyone to create a safety plan in case of emergency. he was recognized by red cross officials for his work on emergency preparedness. he's 50 years old, he looks great. >> keeps himself in good shape. good shape tonight for the 49ers. a good win tonight over the bears. >> yeah, the media, they all love a quarterback controversy. maybe we got one brewing. last to celebrate in the stands, and a coming out party for collin. coach harbaugh gave his quarterback an aggressive, and stirring game plan again a team that harbaugh played 7 of his 14 pro years for. he looked poised, and passing perfectly. his first nfl td pass going to
10:56 pm
vernon davis. here, a big drive, capped off by kendall hunter. bears only 147 total offensive yards. sacked six times. 5.5 by number 99. smith all over the place. then cappernick finalling time, and finding michael crabtree. 32-7. no turnovers for the young quarterback. coach harbaugh, i think the game was over about 12 seconds before he was asked who would be his quarterback moving forward? >> we'll see. i usually tend to go with the guy who's got the hot hand. we've got two quarterbacks that have got a hot hand. i thought kyle did an outstanding job. i thought he did a great job, poised in the pocket.
10:57 pm
pushing ball, throwing with accuracy. everything he is did was exemplar. we'll see who works it next week in the starting capacity down in new orleans. meantime, warriors and texas. if they're going to make anyone believe they're playoff worthy, you've got to win on the road. that they do tonight in dallas. the all about baby steps for this team. they to take two of three on the trip. curry started to get into the flow. barnes had 20 points 12 rebounds. 99-99 here. curry with the no-look for david lee. who had 17 points. season high 19 rebounds.
10:58 pm
the warriors take it in dallas. 105-101. no dirk, however for the mavs. that's the sporting life for a monday night. we'll see who starts for new orleans. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news starts at 4:30, we'll be monitoring that strike and whether it's effecting port and airport operations.
10:59 pm
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